Residual Alcatraz

by Heaven And Hell Records 2011

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paul rote
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paul rote NWOTHM !! All the old classics come to mind ! Favorite track: Born to Die.
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PJD Recipe: Priest, Trouble, a little Sabbath. Mix well, slow cook and serve North Carolina barbecue style. Favorite track: How the Mighty Have Fallen.
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This North Carolina five piece emerges on the scene with a nice slab of traditional heavy metal flavored doomy goodness. Citing Trouble and Pentagram as two of the bands main influences, these southern gentlemen certainly proudly wear it on their sleeves. With a solid rhythm section, duel guitars, and the Halford-esque vocals of Jeff Neal, Dogbane have put together one strong debut effort.

For fans of; Trouble, Pentagram, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, and early Judas Priest. Hell, fans of real heavy metal…


released December 20, 2011

Released December 20,2011 on Heaven And Hell Records. Recorded, mixed, and produced at Studio 5 in Greensboro, NC by Kevin Davis and Dogbane. Mastered by Gary Long at Nomad Studios in Carrolton, Texas. Cover art by Wayne Miller in Greensboro, NC. Cd layout and design by Linda Ronsick and Mitch Allred in Asheboro, NC. Photography by Jon Upchurch in Haw River, NC.



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Dogbane Greensboro, North Carolina

Dogbane is

Vocals -
Jeff Neal
Guitar -
Mitch Allred
Guitar -
Jeff Rinehart
Bass -
Kevin Davis
Drums -
Jerry Cloer

Established in 2010 Dogbane released their debut album "Residual Alcatraz" during December of 2011 on Heaven and Hell Records. The band is a combination of Traditional/NWOBHM inspired Heavy Metal with a touch of Doom.
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Track Name: Ride The Serpent
In the small hours
Drawn to the vibration
Naked and alive
For the celebration

Arms and legs
Open like a flower
Receive the gift
Of timeless power

Ride the serpent

Bathed in sweat
No right or wrong
Animal instinct
The pull is strong

(Repeat Chorus)

Blinding Lights
And exploding colors
This godlike night
Greater than all others

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Born to Die
Devil and daughter were burned at the altar
Not even a trace of a tear
This evil deception, the key to inception
Tempting you more as you hear

Lies of a wise man, through eyes of a blind man
Controlling your mind with your fear
The paths that are taken, can be mistaken
As streets paved with gold tempt you near.

Sowing the seed of sacrifice
Will hold the key to paradise
For all who give, give unto you
Led to believe the lie for truth

Arise my children by the sea
Await the fate given to thee
For what is promised of mankind
Shall come to pass, left behind.
Track Name: Banished
Once upon a long time ago
I lost hold of all that I'd known
Was casted aside, I went on my way
Was banished and branded a fool
A mystery without a clue
The lessons in life you learn every day

Watch me...

Another time another place
A banished world filled with rage
Another trial I must face alone

Darkened and blinded by hate
A victim of uncertain fate
Like mountains to sand it withered away
Searching for something inside
The fragments of all that I hide
So much to be said, but nothing to say

(Repeat Chorus)

Until the end of the line
I still search for something to find
Is this all there is, I truly don't know
Track Name: Annihilator
High on a pedestal
High on admiration
Grovel at your feet
Serve without hesitation
Murder of your own kind
Live the lie untold
From a seed to a tree
Your vendetta will unfold

Tyrant, dictator
Ruler, annihilator
Tyrant, dictator

Go without and starve
For your greater cause
Hang on to your every word
Bask in the applause
Blindly to the slaughter
The lambs marching along
Forward to Annihilation
The world just watches on

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: God Forgive You
Screaming black hate
Crawling inside my heart
Destiny preplanned
A life soon falls apart
Funeral dirge is number one
With a bullet on my chart
Whisper into darkness
Your final prayer

God forgive you
Because I can't

Your time has come
Judgement day my friend
That's right, payback
And the living end
Here is where your past
Comes back to you
Taunting you for all eternity

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Devil in the Dark
Another late night in this house
Lying still without a sound, here we go again
Eyes wide open the madness begins
There's something lurking in the black
Here I am under attack
Another long night lies ahead
Knowing something wants me dead

Sometimes I'm thinking that maybe
This paranoia's making me crazy
But my life's no walk in the park
When I'm living with the devil in the dark

(Repeat Chorus)

Up from the bed across the floor
My legs are weak, my vision poor
Then reaching for the knife
Not going down without a fight
Can't stop the ringing in my head
Can't stop the feeling of this dread
With future in my hands
I'm about to make my final stand

(Repeat Chorus)

My heart is racing the end is near
I have to overcome my fear
In the blackness of the dark
Anticipation tearing me apart
Walk to the mirror hastily
What is the source, what can it be
Look in the mirror's reflection to see
I see the devil, the devil is me

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Burning in the Light
Another daybreak draws near
Hundreds of years have passed me by
I grow weary of existence
No tears of blood fall from my eyes

See my suffering

Another abomination before God
A foot soldier spawned from hell
For I am damned for all time
For I have no soul to sell

And now I yearn for the time I will burn
Burn in the light, free from sight
Come with me and be free
Free from the light, free from sight for all time

Look into my darkened eyes
Feel the hunger from within
An empty vessel left behind
Where once my mortal soul dwelled in

See my suffering

Trapped in a world I truly miss
Led by the thirst, condemned to kill
To drink the life's blood of mankind
To drink until I've had my fill

(Repaeat Chorus)
Track Name: Residual Alcatraz
Time and time I've run it through my head
All these years have found me dead
A lost soul, nothing more or less
I put my spirit to the test
Climb the walls to reach my freedom
To go beyond this prison life
Run so hard I've got to beat the clock
Again this time shut down the rock

I'm ready, ready to go
I'm ready, ready to go

Once again I've got to escape this place
In my cell no time to waste
It's 1964 all over again
I set my course, won't break or bend
I want to get out of the hell I'm in
I see the light time to begin
Alcatraz it is my hell one earth
A tortured soul for all it's woth

(Repeat Chorus)
Track Name: Fire and Brimstone
I had a dream last night
While I was lyin' in my bed
I felt the whole world was standing still
And the moon was turning red

I saw a sign in the sky
"I have come to set you free
There's a light shinin' brighter
Shinin' down, down on me

I saw fire, fire and brimstone
Comin' down on my head
I saw fire, fire and brimstone
Comin' down on my head

I looked around, saw eyes
I heard a voice say "Come to me"
I felt a rumblin' beneath my feet
And the whole world was shakin' free

Then the sun was standin' still
Everything was dark, but I could see

(Repeat Chorus) x2

I saw fire, fire, fire, fire and brimstone
Comin' down on my head
I saw fire, fire, fire and brimstone
Comin' down on my head
I saw fire, fire and brimstone
Comin' down on my head
Track Name: How the Mighty Have Fallen
Where's the hero's welcome that never came
The unknown crippled and the maimed
The soldier' spat upon and taunted
Baby killers now unloved and unwanted
Baby killers now unloved and unwanted

America your sons needed you
And in God's name what have you done
Oh, how the mighty have fallen
And for them you turn tail and run

And for them that gave their own lives
For the piece of mind that never came
Fading away inside suicidal
To escape the misery and the pain

(Repeat Chorus)

To give the ultimate sacrifice
They made with their blood and their life
Cowardice to repay bravery
Betrayed by the land of the free

(Repeat Chorus) x2

Oh how the mighty have fallen